Saturday, January 26, 2013

Through the Storm Drains With Flashlights (By Drugs or By Satan)

it was maybe the whip-its in the Aurora King Soopers
or the silver spray paint
behind the Super Skate in Cedar Rapids
maybe it was all that elbow grease
spent cracking open A/C units
for the freon in Roswell
or Las Cruces
or Anyshithole, New Mexico

but some goddamn thing crept up the tunnels to Dude's brain
and did some Devil's Work in there

like when a talonful of us
went crawling all spidery, all Saturday
through the storm-drains with flashlights
and backpacks stuffed on Occult library books
to draw Pentagrams in chalk
to light candles
to chant words we couldn't pronounce
in service of Whatever Dark Lord
whatever Forgiving and Fearsome Thing could give us
Big Muscles
and Big Dicks
and Big Brains and
Big Leaping Futures
boundless, bewitched

by Drugs or by Satan
we all swore to claim Power
Awful awful Sexual awful Wealthy
vindictive Awful Just awful Magical
terrific awful awful Power
all of us cursing in margins
all of us behind, under
all of us hidden and aside, levitating
light and stiff, on homemade highs
all of us slithering Serpents
all of us worms
digging dirt
out of the plains and the desert
and the thick, thick stoned forests
it was Something that did it
the huffing or the smoking
or the licking or the eating
or the needles or the reading, the Worship
it was something
It was Really Something.


so i never continued the thing about Ray. i don't know if i will now. anyway, it took a while before i could really write again after that. here's a new thing that i really like though. hopefully i'll be able to start posting with more regularity again.



  1. Will do. I actually plan to make a video for it. Hopefully that'll happen soon and I'll post it with that.